S&B's Fall Session will begin on August 15th.  The parent meetings will be held on
August 13th at 6:00 p.m.  The driving portion of the Fall Session may be completed
throughout the months of
August, September and October.  Please call 576-SAFE or e-mail
us at drive@sbdrivingschool.com for late registration or questions. Thank you!

Student Name______________________________        Date of Birth_____/_____/_____
(As it appears on Birth Certificate)


Address___________________________________     Home Phone_________________

_________________________________________     Cell Phone___________________

_________________________________________     Email_______________________

Emergency Contact_________________________     Emergency Phone_____________

Name of Nearest Relative___________________________________________________

Medical Conditions________________________________________________________

Driving Group - Please list the names of 1 to 2 students who you would like to drive with during
your behind the wheel training.  If you do not have a preference, leave this section blank and
you will be assigned a group randomly.

1)  _________________________________        2)  ________________________________  

Amount Paid  ___________________        Amount Due    ___________________     
S & B Driving School Registration Form
Please print and mail to 7484 Christina Drive, Suite 102 West Harrison, IN 47060 prior to the
parent meeting.  You may call 576-SAFE if you need to rush register.

Sessions (circle one)     Session Fee due at enrollment - $425.00
       (Includes driver test waiver)

Fall 2017 - August, September and October

Winter 2017/18 - November, December and January